Australia Running 1 – Cairns

I have some catching up to do. I am now actually in Brisbane and tomorrow I have to switch into work mode so before we go and enjoy a NRL game this evening I thought I’d spend a bit of time catching up on the running we’ve done while on our adventures. Not that there is all that much running to talk about.

After Endure24 we next had a little jog out on the Tuesday after before we set off for the airport, then a whole week went by without running – some of it spent on a plane of course and much of it spent having an amazing time in a barrier reef cruise where instead we snorkelled and even tried a SCUBA dive, walked in the rainforest, found Nemo and hung out with sea turtles.

Once back in Cairns we did want to stretch our legs though and I was pleased to have dry non moving land under my feet again. I hadn’t really anticipated just how seasick I’d get – should have known really, I. And get motion sick standing still… Anyway, on Kath’s birthday morning we had a cup of tea and then headed out for a plod out along the water. It was a lovely morning and it felt good to be moving. We had a pelican cheer squad and could watch the sun come up and Cairns slowly waking up.

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