Australia Running 3 – Kewarra Beach

Our adventure continued on Cairns’ northern beaches. After arriving at the Kewarra Beach Resort and Spa we had some lunch and then turned our attention to running. We realised that in order to be safe we really needed to go quite soon so as to avoid croc time. So we let lunch settle as long as we could and then set off for a beach run. The first bit was still on wet sand close to the water which was sort of hard and bouncy.

The tide was coming in so we soon had to move higher up the beach and running got tougher. I couldn’t really run on the proper sand – walking was hard enough but I did manage on the in between stuff.

I turned at about 1.5 miles and completed a very satisfying 3 mile plod. It wasn’t half a workout for my ankles and feet though.

The next morning we had a little plod out the other way. We didn’t have that much time because we were heading on a day trip to Kuranda but we got out for a little sunrise mile. I wasn’t going to run. I was going to go and sit while Kath did her thing but it was just too inviting.

Happy running!

Australia Running 1 – Cairns

I have some catching up to do. I am now actually in Brisbane and tomorrow I have to switch into work mode so before we go and enjoy a NRL game this evening I thought I’d spend a bit of time catching up on the running we’ve done while on our adventures. Not that there is all that much running to talk about.

After Endure24 we next had a little jog out on the Tuesday after before we set off for the airport, then a whole week went by without running – some of it spent on a plane of course and much of it spent having an amazing time in a barrier reef cruise where instead we snorkelled and even tried a SCUBA dive, walked in the rainforest, found Nemo and hung out with sea turtles.

Once back in Cairns we did want to stretch our legs though and I was pleased to have dry non moving land under my feet again. I hadn’t really anticipated just how seasick I’d get – should have known really, I. And get motion sick standing still… Anyway, on Kath’s birthday morning we had a cup of tea and then headed out for a plod out along the water. It was a lovely morning and it felt good to be moving. We had a pelican cheer squad and could watch the sun come up and Cairns slowly waking up.

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