Shhh….I might have enjoyed that

I’m a little confused this evening. It seems I actually enjoyed a run. And I mean actually enjoyed the running part of the run, not the having done a run bit of the run. And not enjoyed the surroundings, the moorhen running alongside us almost, the lambs in the field, it wasn’t about all that. I think I might have enjoyed running. I’m not quite sure what to make of that. 45 minute run from home, including hills and it was sort of fun. I got a silly pain in my side again going downhill. I don’t like going downhill on uneven ground so I think I tense and breathe funny resulting in a stitch quite high up my side. It disappeared almost as soon as we were back on the flat. I liked running, no that’s not quite it, I liked being able to run. I think I enjoyed the being able to do it. Rather than struggling with trying to get to then end, for the first time I was conscious of doing something I couldn’t do not that long ago and that felt really positive.

So 45 minutes – running 2 mins, walking 30 secs, 18 times – Pace 12.15 minutes per mile giving us a distance of 3.67miles

Kath might also have solved the underwear problem for me (see here). She ordered some pants from Under Armour. I have to say I was sceptical, even more so when she told me that they were one size fits all. In my experience one size fits all usually means ‘one size fits all unless we think you’re too large to wear this’ and too large to wear this is then about size 12.  The pants arrived today so I thought I might as well get it over with and try them. I stand corrected.  They were comfy and they stayed comfy even when sweaty. In fact, I don’t think I really felt sweaty. I was, and the pants still needed careful peeling off after the run but they didn’t feel sweaty during or straight after the run. No chance of chafing either and it means I don’t have to get my head round the no underwear thing which was the most popular suggestion following my original post on the issue. I am not ready for no knickers when running, just no.

What to wear and reading Runner’s World

I found something to wear for today’s run (uneventful, 35 mins, 12.31 minutes per mile pace. 2.79 miles, tight calf muscle). It’s a compromise. I braved my lycra 3/4 length pants. Then I went looking for a top. I have loads of t-shirts but I’m fussy when it comes to running. It needs to be comfy, it needs to be long so it covers my backside but not too huge so it’s all baggy and sack like.  It needs to be light and ideally no sleeves. Ok I don’t have anything that meets all those criteria. Then I remembered a t-shirt I ordered a while ago because it made me laugh:

Running T-shirtGiven the slogan I can cope with the fact that it actually doesn’t cover my bum and sort of sits on the widest part of my hips. It’s cotton but not really heavy and it is comfy. That did mean that my wobbly thighs were on full view – sorry about that people of Riddlesden.

Kath has bought Runner’s World magazine on and off for as long as I can remember really and I’ve never so much as glanced at them until recently. Now there is a magazine that isn’t for me – pictures of fit skinny people in lycra and features on how to run yor fasted 10km ever… Urgh. Then there was the issue ages and ages ago which had a recipe for Courgette/Chocolate buns in – hm maybe it is worth a look after all. No, that recipe was pretty much it. In a rather classic work avoidance moment the other day I picked up 3 past issues and started flicking through them and today I sprawled out in the sun with the latest issue . Some of it is quite interesting actually – the science stuff appeals to me. What is clear though is that so much advice about running is contradictory. One expert says one thing, another the exact opposite. Sometimes the Dos are the Dos and sometimes they’re the Don’ts and vice versa. Runners agree on very little other than their love of running.

There were some things, some basics if you like, that people did seem to agree on: Regular running is good for you, Eating right is important particularly for long distance runners (but no agreement on what ‘right’ is), rest is also important (how much, when etc – no agreement) and running is the best thing ever. Well I accept the first – science shows me that, the second is also sensible and must partly be about what works for you, the third I can wholeheartedly embrace – rest is awesome, the fourth I have issues with. I do not love running, it is not the best thing ever, I do not feel free, happy or whatever when running (mostly I feel like there’s still a bloody long way to go or I’ve already gone a bloody long way and must be nearly there). That proves that then – I am really not a runner!

What (not?) to wear?

We went for another run today. We’re slowly moving up to running 45 minutes during the week rather than the 30 minutes. So today we headed out for 35 minutes. It was ok actually. One little ‘you stupid woman what are you doing’ moment during the 7th running section (still 2 mins running  and 30 sec walking) but we managed to take out a couple of runs in the second half. Pace of 12.14 minutes per mile; 2.86 miles. Still struggling with teetering on the edge of depression but I’ve been thinking of my black dog as a puppy today so I think I’m making progress

It’s been warm today and warm brings with it the need to think about clothes. Not something I do much of. I know what real runners wear, we have several issues of Runners World lying around. So just to be clear, short (lycra, cycling, running, whatever) shorts and a top that is basically no more than a sports bra are not an option. Not now, not ever. That’s just not me. But what is me? What should I wear for running? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t self-conscious. I am. I’m too heavy, I’d like to/need to loose maybe 3 stone ish. I’m currently a comfortable size 18 (UK) or an uncomfortable 16. I’ve got curves in the wrong as well as the right places. Running is a big deal so I need to feel confident as well as comfortable or I just won’t go.

Today I wore just some standard (Cotton traders I suspect) jog pants and a no sleeves top which is stretchy and therefore a little clingy. The tops was ok. The pants are too thick and heavy for this weather. So alternatives? I have some Roots 3/4 jog pants but they’re also too thick really. Comfy as anything but too thick. I have a pair of 3/4 length running pants from Gap – they’re tight lycra-ish and I am not sure about wearing them with the kind of top I wore today – I’d have to be feeling very brave. I have worn them with  normal cotton T-shirts but they are quite thick and the few t-shirts I have from previous races are clingy and not that comfortable. Hm. I may need to go and buy some 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms that aren’t  thick and heavy. (I do have a pair that I loved but I can’t get my backside in them at the moment!) I hate shopping for sports stuff – I can just hear the ‘really, you’re buying these for running? Of course you are!’ I can see the sales staff rolling their eyes. I may have to just be too hot until my backside has shrunk enough to fit into the pants I have – by which time it will be cold and a moot point anyway.