Back on the road

We are back on track. After having tweaked something in my calf muscle on Sunday I was a bit fed up and disillusioned with the whole running thing. I did get a bit excited about registering for the Marathon weekend but everything felt a bit flat. I felt a bit foolish for thinking that running might actually be something I could do and there was a whole lot of ‘you should have known, you can’t run, you know this, why bother trying, you just look silly…’ kind of stuff going through my head. I have to admit that I was relieved when Kath suggested giving us another day’s rest yesterday. I didn’t want to run. I was back to thinking that running is not for me and I am not for running.

However, we have registered. We are committed to doing it and even at my grumpiest there was still a part of me that wants to show that I can do this or that, at the very least, I can try. So today I came home from work and with considerable anxiety, though not reluctance really, I got changed, put my trainers on and we headed out. I really wasn’t sure about my calf muscle so we set off very very very very slowly (there might have been people walking their dogs faster than we were running). My calf was tight but not painful so on we went.

The aim was 3.5 miles – the 3.5 miles we didn’t do on Sunday. We went along the canal to have somewhere flat to run and because there is always lots to distract as we run. Because we were going so slow we actually chatted a little bit which is something I never usually do (Kath has since said that it freaked her out a bit because if I say anything at all normally I just swear). We saw lots of ducks and swans, a few little ducklings, two herons (or possibly one heron twice), a mad labrador type dog jumping into the canal after a squeaky toy and a few other runners and cyclists. It felt good to be out.

I felt comfortable plodding along. I was happy with the 1.5 minutes running and 30 secs walking. When we had a bit less than a mile left I suggested leaving out a walk phase so we tried that and ran for 3.5 minutes. Still comfortable and not really puffing much at all so we walked the walk phase and then started running again and just kept going until the end of the 3.5 miles.

So, 3.5 miles in 48 minutes with average pace of 13.49 minutes per mile. Yes, slow – but well within allowed pace for the marathon and I felt like I could have kept going at that for a much much longer distance. Importnatly my calf muscle is behaving itself. It’s a little tight but not painful so with a bit of tlc, heat and ice I think it’ll be fine.

I’m back to thinking that maybe, just maybe I can do this. Maybe

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