The thing about pace and the thing about fitness

As I am continuing to find the running quite tough mentally and I really can’t shake off that nagging doubt about being able to do it or the feeling that people are probably just laughing at me I was looking for a little confidence boost, a sign, something that would encourage me to keep going. I found a couple

1. Pace. No, I haven’t suddenly found pace but I finally looked at our runs on the computer after Kath had downloaded them all from her watch. In some of the posts I’ve told you the average pace and the fastest has been 12.something mintues per mile. So, slow. In my mind I had associated that with me obviously running really really slowly, as I would, because I’m really not a runner. However what I hadn’t thought about is that of course we are walking quite a lot. In fact that pace relates to the intervals where we are walking 30 seconds in every 2 mintues. Looking at the fastest pace and tracking the pace throughout the runs tells a slightly different story. I am not actually running at snails’ pace. Our running pace is often around 8.5 minutes per mile. That’s not fast but that is respectable at least! What that means is that as we increase the time we run (and keep the running pace as it is now) as part of these intervals, our minutes per mile time is actually likely to come down to really quite respectable times – well, respectable for someone who couldn’t run the 50metres or so to the post box at the end of the road at the beginning of the year.

2. Fitness is a funny thing. If you don’t constantly attend to it somehow it just disappears. I know this because I have got myself reasonably fit about twice in my life and then lost it pretty much overnight. The other way around is totally different. Improvements in fitness levels seem to just creep up on you. I’ve noticed little things. Our usual 30 minute route finishes along the canal and we then have to walk back up the hill to get home – I’m no longer stopping to ‘admire the view’ half way up; I am happier about walking up the hill on may home from work; I am recovering from our runs much more quickly… It’s the little things that I probably wouldn’t even notice if I wasn’t blogging about our running efforts and everything associated with that.

So, in the middle of all the struggling to get my head around the running stuff there are some positives to hang on to.

4 thoughts on “The thing about pace and the thing about fitness

  1. A running pace of 8.5 minute per mile is no where near slow. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Go at your own pace. You’re faster than anyone sitting on a couch. You’re faster than you were a year ago.

    I feel like a ‘real’ runner and my run-only pace is about 11 minutes. You’re positively speedy!


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