-1.5 pounds, sunday dinners and stupid dog owners

It’s Sunday. I used to like Sundays. Sundays were for lazy mornings reading in bed, for pottering about, for spending time just watching our flock of sheep and for playing with the crazy kitten…. actually that is still exactly what Sundays are for but they now have the added dimension of the Sunday weigh-in. It was uneventful this morning. I was just awake enough to pop the scales on before standing on them and my eyes had adjusted enough to see I’d lost a pound and a half (and a bit but we’re only recording halves). So right direction after an indifferent food week (with a biscuit or two too many at my work writing retreat).

We’ve just come back from a Sunday dinner at Kath’s mum’s. A beef roast with amazing yorkshire puddings and with chocolate pudding for pudding so I can now safely write about the food plans for the rest of the week without making myself hungry. We’ve got some falafels, some koftas and other bits and pieces for a little picnic tonight, just in case we actually ever want to eat again and we’ll do the same for lunch tomorrow. The rest of the week we have pasta bake, beef stirfry, greek salad, baked spuds and salmon and veggies planned for main meals, the usual mix of eggs, mushrooms on toast, porridge, pancakes etc for breakfast and mostly left-overs and salads for lunches. Kath made some lovely cereal bars last week and we still have a few left so that will do for nibbles.

I’d rather not talk about this morning’s 30 minute run. Horrible horrible horrible. Not made better by some idiotic dog owner not keeping his rodent sized mutt under control. It ran alongside Kath for a bit – I was behind her freaking a little bit – then it was called back and stopped dead – right in front of me. It nearly ended up launched into the canal but instead I managed a rather inelegant hop over it. It then started running after me and you know me and dogs, I freaked a bit, well a lot. In fact I should check whether there is a spike in pace, there probably is. Anyway, Kath ran and I plodded for 30 minutes this morning, let’s just leave it at that.

Happy Sunday everyone

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