3 mile hell

After the positives of yesterday today’s run came as a bit of a shock. Our programme said 3 miles and I was actually looking forward to that. I woke up around 7.30 and slowly got up and we got ourselves organised to go. We had decided on starting at home, running down to the canal and turning towards Bingley. So off we went. It was awful. My gremlins were shouting at me, my silly black labrador puppy was back (see here) and I was convinced that a) I couldn’t do it and b) we were going very slowly. Kath kept pushing on and I kept going somehow. Every bloody step of the whole bloody way was bloody awful. Not a happy place in sight. 3 miles later it turns out it was our fastest yet. 11 minutes and 5 seconds per mile. It was still bloody horrible.

I also forgot to get on the scales this morning so don’t have a Sunday Weigh-In to report on. I may get on and have a look later or I may just not bother. After the awful run I’m not sure I want the scales to tell me that I’m a fat bugger, I am very well aware of that today.

So there we are, another week of training done. Go me.

10 thoughts on “3 mile hell

  1. But you did it!! I probably would’ve turned round when I got to the canal, and run home again… 😉 Sometimes running is just a slog, isn’t it? I’m on holiday right now (I’m a teacher) so it’s mostly okay. I’m away from home for a start. But I know it’ll be grim at times this year. The next one will be better 🙂

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    • Thanks! Well it was tempting to walk home (not run – it’s uphill!) but that won’t get me to a half marathon in 6 weeks time so yes, it was a slog but I guess that’s all just part of it. Feeling better this evening.

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  2. Not that I am in any way fit to give advice… but do you run with music? The only way I can get through runs of any kind is via the power of Lord Elton John (I’m still standing) and the theme from the Karate Kid!

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    • Thanks! No I don’t run with music. Kath and I always run together and I usually like hearing the birds etc. I run with music if I have to run on a treadmill because otherwise that is just sooo dull. I also don’t want to train with music because I don’t think RunDisney allow earphones for the marathon. I shall however blast ‘I’m still standing’ before my next run and see if that helps!

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  3. Jess, I’m so glad you’re brutally honest. I was first pushed to run by a couple of women who are little, skinny and fast. Every run was fantastic! Every step made them feel stronger and more empowered! Bull … some days it just sucks. But you know tomorrow will be better 😉

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    • Thanks Janine. That’s the one thing I don’t like about reading running blogs and magazines etc. It’s all about how running changed someone’s life and is fantastic and postive … I know it is all those things but not all of the time and just sharing the positives doesn’t help others, particularly others who are unconfident and just starting out. I promised myself and my readers I’d be honest – about all of it.

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