Getting carried away

I am getting over-excited. Perhaps it is that this evening I am finally starting to feel a bit better after after 3 days of feeling pretty crap, tired and miserable; perhaps it is because my visit to the osteopath seems to have sorted my leg and I am going to be able to have a go at the 11 miles tomorrow, perhaps it is because I have finally made some real progress with my teaching materials for the coming semester (I know I know but there is a week yet before induction week starts!). Whatever it is, I am getting carried away. In an attempt to make myself feel better yesterday I spent rather a long time looking at Disney stuff online.

Don’t judge me, I know, corporate America at its worst… I can’t help it. I believe in the magic that is Disney and I get excited about our trip. I spent a while looking at what I’d like to do at the parks. I’m not a big rollercoaster fan, I get motion sick really easily and thrill seeking has never appealed to me. I do like a little rollercoaster type fun though and the Seven Dwarf Mine Train looks fun – it’s new since we last went so I have no idea what it’ll be like but I’m looking forward to trying it. It always takes me a couple of walk-pasts before I decide I do want to go on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. That’s probably my rollercoaster limit (pathetic, I know) and I have to be in the right mood for it. I might not do this until after the marathon! I’m always scared of tweaking my back or something – is that actually likely? And then if I am feeling really brave which in my stupid over excited state this evening I am, I will ‘Blast off on a rip-roaring rocket through the darkest reaches of outer space’  and get myself onto Space Mountain. I have done that before and enjoyed it – I think it’s because I can’t see what’s coming and have no option but to go with it.

I’m also scared of heights so was only persuaded to go onto the Astro Orbiter on our final day of the last trip (which was January 2013 by the way – we don’t do this often!) and I actually really enjoyed it – it was lovely to have the views across the park and back towards our hotel. So I won’t wait until the last day this time! I could go on and on with other rides but I will stick to the Magic Kingdom for now or this will be a very long post. I am excited about walking over from our hotel once we’ve arrived and just wandering through the Magic Kingdom. I am excited about not being cold in January. I am excited about walking up Mainstreet USA and then just seeing where our feet take us. Ok, yes, I am just excited!

But I am not there to have fun, well not only to have fun. I am there to run. I’m there to run the RunDisney Disney World of course I got carried away and excited about that too. I got sidetracked looking at all the info on the RunDisney site and came across this pacing chart

Half Marathon
Full Marathon

So the  full chart actually starts at 6 minutes per mile but that is just stupid pace so I cut it down a bit. In 2013 we completed the half marathon in just under 3.5 hours – so very very slow but then we hadn’t really trained –  we’d never made it past 10km. I am looking at our pace now – 12.55 minutes per mile for the 9 miles the other week with a bit left in the tank at the end – and wouldn’t it be just amazing to complete our upcoming half marathon in under 3 hours – maybe even closer to 2 hours 45 mins than 3 hours? And then aim for a marathon finish somwherere between 5.5 and 6 hours. I get quite giddy at the thought of that. Too giddy. This was never about a time, this is just meant to be getting round and enjoying it. But, but.. but just look, the time allowed is 16 minutes per mile. Even on our slowest days we are significantly faster than that. I MAY NOT COME LAST! OMG I may actually not come last.

4 thoughts on “Getting carried away

  1. Wooohoo Disney!!! I’m so excited too – we get to book our fastpasses for our trip tomorrow! It’s coming round so quick! Totally not crazy of you to leave Big Thunder till after the run… that thing is crazy bumpy (but so fun)! We have never been on the astro orbiter, it was closed for refurb during our last trip. It’s definitely on our list this time! Which hotel are you staying in? We are staying in the Wilderness Lodge – it was a splurge but as we are only going for a week we decided just to go for it! I am beyond excited!! Disney planning always manages to cheer me up after a stressful day/week! Hope you have fun looking through everything and good luck with your 11 miler today!

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    • We’re staying at the Cotemporary (Bay Lake Tower) – as you say a bit of a splurge but we’ve had a hell of a year which has been mostly work work work so it’s our big treat. 11 miles didn’t go well. Blog to follow now

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      • Oo Contemporary! That is Gideon’s bucket list hotel – let us know if you like it because he definitely wants to stay there at some point! Keep going, today may not have been the day for the 11 miles but there will be one! Don’t worry!


  2. 1. Glad the hip feels better!
    2. Hope the 11 miles goes well & you have a wonderful Saturday.
    3. You won’t come last. You won’t be swept. You’ll have fun but may curse some.
    4. Go to Universal if you can. I don’t like roller coasters either and always find many fun rides there. My favourite is Dudley Do Right. Even if you don’t ride it, put a quarter in a water cannon and spray someone. A bit mean, but fun.

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