First ever ever ever solo run

I just did it. I just went for a run ON MY OWN. As you can tell from the blogs it has taken me a couple of days to work up to it. I was shattered from work but I’d talked about going for a run with Kath this morning and she promised to get me to go. I didn’t really want to but I also sort of did. So my first solo run was going to have to be along a route I know well and it also couldn’t be a long one or a hard one. To ease me in we’d agreed that I would run to the sheep, feed them and check them and then continue my loop. We also needed some bread and milk so I thought I’d stop at the shop after my run.

I didn’t want to use Kath’s garmin – that’s just a step too far for today – so I had my little stop watch on that we used before Kath got her fancy watch – that means there is no data other than time for my run. Off I went with my phone, key to our sheep field gate and a tenner in my little running belt. I set off from home and when I glanced at my watch I’d been going just over three minutes and still felt fine. I just kept going. I got to our sheep field in 9 minutes 20 seconds, no walk breaks. I stopped the watch and got a bucket of food out of the shed. Then I walked and fed the boys and then walked on to the next field and fed the girls. I probably had roughly 10 minutes out before setting off again from that field. I vaguely thought about walking up the slope and starting from the top but I thought I might be disappointed with myself if I did that so I ran it. I was ok when I got to the top so I kept going down the golf course, still fine. Then I turned left along the canal – aiming for the next bridge which would have completed the 2.5 mile ish loop we did the other day.

The canal was deserted. I didn’t see another soul, animal or human which was a bit odd but thinking about that kept me occupied for a bit. As I got to the bridge I glanced at my watch and it said 26.46. So I did the 2.5 mile loop minus the little stretch I walked between fields in that time, no walk breaks. I was going to stop at the bridge and then just walk to the shop but I thought I’d better try and run for 30 minutes so I kept going. It was hard to push past the bridge because I had been focused on just getting to it but finally I saw some ducks and a blackbird and then some more ducks and then it was over –  I made the 30 minutes.

I phoned Kath because obviously I had to tell someone immediately that I had done it and the cyclist who was stopped in front of me talking on his phone didn’t look much like he wanted to hear about my run. Then I went to the shop where I felt a bit self-conscious in my running gear but nobody fell about laughing.

Now I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I went for a run ON MY OWN.

4 thoughts on “First ever ever ever solo run

  1. Yaaaayyyyy!! Well done!! Sounds like you had a fantastic run – I hope it has given you a bit of a boost in confidence to know you can do this no matter what! So proud of ya!

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