Taper here we come

So today marks the last day of the hardcore marathon training. Three weeks today we will line up at the marathon startline, well actually way back and eventually we will get there… And then roughly 6-6.5 hours later we will, with a bit of luck and lots of pixie dust, cross the finish line. We started the marathon training plan 25 weeks ago, so before I hit the last gentle weeks of tapering and getting rested for the big event, what have I learned?

  1. It is possible to see anything below half marathon distance as a short run.
  2. short runs don’t get easier just because you are physically capable of going much much further.
  3. 3 miles is just as yucky as 5 miles or 8 or whatever if your heart’s not in it
  4. half marathon distance is no harder than 2 miles if your heart is in it.
  5. once you get above 15 miles it really doesn’t matter anymore, it is all a f-ing long way.
  6. I can run for as long as I have decided to run – so if I decide my run interval is 2 minutes there is absolutely no way I can run for longer. If I decide that I will run 6 miles slowly without walking, I can.
  7. chafing is a thing, a painful one.
  8. underwear matters – see above
  9. witout running I would have gone properly loony tunes loopy over the last few months
  10. foam rollers hurt like hell
  11. I have a weak core, particularly arse but squats and yoga are changing that.
  12. hills are the hardest bloody workout you will find anywhere, ever.
  13. I still don’t see myself as a runner.
  14. other runners see me as a runner – the running community is so much more welcoming than expected
  15. Broccoli is amazing
  16.  I cannot be trusted to be left alone with a jar of peanut butter
  17. the best running fuel to date is lasagna made by my friend Bex but spaghetti bolognese or butternut squash and spinach lasagna work too
  18. I absolutely cannot run on a full tummy. I need 90 mins between bagel/porridge and run
  19. I sometimes enjoy running
  20. Mmm peanut butter

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