Christmas Running

I’ve just got back from a quick 2 mile run. My goodness that was awful. I hadn’t run since the 23rd. Yesterday was supposed to be a 6 miler and I was looking forward to it but the weather here was just too horrendous – most roads not passable – we couldn’t even get to our sheep. It was awful but of course we were extremely lucky. While our backgarden was under 6 inches of water at one point, we weren’t flooded and we only had to deal with water running off the hillside and aren’t at risk of river flooding or anything. My thoughts go out to all those dealing with the flooding.

Anyway, I spent Christmas eve, Christmas day and my birthday yesterday eating too much of the wrong the stuff. Lovely as it was, that coupled with a few glasses of prosecco for Christmas and champagne for my birthday I felt like I couldn’t run a mile today. I felt full and sluggish and just bleurgh. I did and didn’t want to go run in equal measures. I decided I would at least get out for a short loop and break the cycle of not moving and eating too much. I packed some birthday cake in a lunchbox, packed it and a running jacket in my backpack and ran a just about 2 mile loop to Mum’s.

If every run felt like that nobody would ever stick at it! I’d barely got to the end of the road when I felt like I couldn’t breathe. By the time I go half way down the hill I realised I wasn’t wearing a running a belt and my pants were slipping down. That gave me something to focus on for a bit but didn’t keep my mind of the hideousness of the running for long – it was just so hard work. 5 minutes in I was ready to give up.

I kept going though and eventually, after 2 miles at a pretty good pace I arrived at Mum’s, dropped off the stuff and then walked home up the hill. I’m glad I went, we will try for another run tomorrow morning and that one had better be better!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Running

  1. Really glad you guys haven’t suffered to much from the flooding! It was bad when we were driving around Lancashire last weekend on the roads so I can only imagine how crazy it’s all gotten since! Stay safe!

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