The morning after a taper run

Paranoid much? Yep! It is the day after a 6 mile run and I’m a week and a half away from the Walt Disney World Marathon. Let’s just be clear, I am fine. I can’t feel any after effects from the run and yet with every step that isn’t 100% steady, with every little twist and every time I am aware of a muscle, part of me just freezes and goes ‘was that a tweak, is my hamstring tight, that wasn’t my hip flexor was it, oh goodness, my calf muscle…’ And then it hit me. I am going to have to travel to London on the train, sit in a theatre, get on a flight and spend a few days in the resort with OTHER PEOPLE. Just think of the germs, just think of how much more likely it is that I’ll catch a bug. What if I get ill…

But there’s no time for this paranoid nonsense. It is what it is. Our travel documents arrived.


This sent me into excitement overdrive which required a little dance round the living room and a shriek or two. I know, I know, im a 37 year old professional woman…. Who cares, I’m excited. I have basically packed – couple of bits and pieces still need washing/ironing- and I am probably taking too much. I have loaded my iPad with books although I am not sure when I am going to read them. We have so much fun stuff planned that with all of that and the running I can’t see myself spending much time just lounging about!

Breakfasts and Dinners are booked, various lists of lunch locations, rides, activities etc we want to do have been made, US dollars have arrived, credit card companies notified we will be abroad, mothers are primed to look after the house and all our critters (they just move in so the cats have company!) all the pre travel stuff  for the US is done and I even know where my passport is. I am good to go!

Again today I am more excited than terrified. I think it might be because I am beginning to realise that this is really happening and it is happening now. I am going to do this thing and all that I can do now is trust in the training I’ve done. It’s too late to do anything else. Fuelling sort of starts now, the focus is on making a conscious effort to drink more water and on eating healthily to make sure we don’t put on any weight – 26.2 miles is a long way to carry an extra pound or two.

Anyway, I have more lists to write and a suitcase to re-pack several more times over the next few days and I need to do some yoga to make sure that really isn’t my hip flexor niggling…. Oh and the weather forecast is predicting marathon day to be the hottest of our trip. Lovely.

8 thoughts on “The morning after a taper run

  1. Good luck!
    I got taper crazy too! When I went to Boston this spring for the Monday marathon, I saw people leaving the hotel on Sunday for a ore race run…huh??? All I could think of was what happens if they twist their ankle on a curb, and can’t run the marathon?

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  2. I’m with Brit – taper crazies are REAL. I couldn’t stop crying and every sneeze I was convinced was the plague…and could I run with the plague? It happens to the best of us 🙂

    Soak the experience in. Disney marathon is made for enjoying, so focus on fueling/hydrating for the Florida weather, taking tons of pictures, and making memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You’ve got this!

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  3. Sounds like you have a case of the taper crazies… totally normal extreme levels of pre-run paranoia lol!! Looks like you have everything planned out and ready though so hopefully all will go smoothly. We had the same problem with the day of the run being the hottest day. Try not to worry about it too much, there is nothing that can be done about the weather unfortunately. You will have to go slower in the extreme heat… but as long as you set your expectations right so that you know you probably won’t be your fastest you’ll be fine and still have a great time. There is nothing that could of prepared me for it, so I don’t really have much advice… only encouragement that it was still manageable, as long as you look after yourself properly! Your night time temperature is looking quite low, so hopefully it won’t be to bad until the sun comes up and by then you’ll be well on your way!

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