Life post Dopey

I went for a run yesterday. It felt odd. A week and a half ago I completed a marathon after having done a half, a 10k and a 5k on the days before. Somehow going out to run felt a bit pointless. At the same time going out to run felt like the most exciting thing, ever. It felt good to be out. It was cold, I had been cold all day so I wore two long sleeved tops and my running jacket, gloves and my new RunDisney hat. I was too warm after about a minute.

We ran 45 minutes, mostly along the canal, no walking, just a slow plod. We didn’t have the Garmin so no idea about pace or distance but it was just nice to be out. It was funny how a 45 minute run felt like hard work, really hard work but yet it was so nice to only have to be out for 45 minutes. The last time I had running gear on I was out for nearly 7 hours.

Completing the marathon has given me something to draw on. Toward the end of the 45 minutes I was starting to struggle but the memory of just putting one foot in front of the other combined with the realisation that I was only going to have to keep going for 5 more minutes rather than 10 more miles made finishing the run easy.

As we started walking up the hill home I decided that it had been a good run and then I started feeling really sick and dizzy. I had some water and nuts when I got back and felt fine but I can do without that!

So it seems life post Dopey just goes on, nothing has really changed. 45 minute runs are still 45 minute runs, they are still hard, they are still awful and brilliant in equal measures and I don’t really feel any different about running. Or maybe I do because every now and again during the run I smiled to myself ‘I am 100% Dopey’.

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