Colds, post Dopey and pre London thoughts

I cannot shake off the stupid cold and it is doing my head in. I actually want to be out there running. I also cannot decide whether or not this is life post Dopey or whether this is life pre London. Yep that’s right, London.

Some of you will know that as part of the Countdown to Christmas challenge run by The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running I ‘won’ a place for the London Marathon. As I understand it the fabulouse Julie had teamed up with the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund and had 5 places available for London. Well one of them came to me and as Kath was also still looking for a place, Julie agreed that another could go to her. We looked at the required fundraising etc and decided that in spite of having just done a challenge and asked for people’s support we could manage the fundraising. We paid our fees and got very excited, then tried to park any thoughts about London until after Dopey.

I am still in post Dopey blues I think. I keep checking the RunDisney site, the facebook group I joined and blogs I bookmarked. I pick up and hold my medal every now and again and I keep meaning to go through our photos but end up just flicking through them not really quite knowing what to do with myself. We drew up a training plan for the London marathon to start when we came back from Florida but we haven’t really got going with that yet because I have this silly cold. We’ve done a couple of runs but nothing major.

So I need to snap out of Dopey mode and into London mode. So here’s the revised plan which is based on me basically not being able to do anything much for this coming week as well as some weekend plans we’ve already made. Every week we will do two runs of 45 minutes and then the longer training runs at the weekend as follows

Week 1: 5 miles

Week 2: 6 x 1 mile (as fast as possible with 5 mins walking inbetween)

Week 3: 17 miles

Week 4: 6 miles

Week 5: Keighley 10km

Week 6: 20 miles

Week 7: 6 miles

Week 8: 20 miles

Week 9: 7 miles

week 10: 6 x 1 mile as above

week 11: 7 miles

week 12: MARATHON

More on the plans for London, the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund – charity we’ll be running for and some of our fundraising efforts soon but for now I need to find some more tissues.

Oh and it is Sunday – weigh in day. I am exactly the same as last week.


5 thoughts on “Colds, post Dopey and pre London thoughts

  1. You’re definitely post-dopey still 🙂 and that’s understandable. You always hit a slump after any big event. Remember going out for drinks after the final exam at uni?? Everyone sat around looking vacant and shattered. … even though they’d been looking forward to finishing for weeks? 😉 that plan is sensible (wow! 17 miles comes around quickly! 😉 ) you’ll do it

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  2. Wow London!! That is amazing!!! Hoping the cold goes away soon and the training gets off to a good start – I haven’t ran at all this week due to Stomach flu and now some horrible blisters that i’ve managed to pick up from a walk we went on yesterday, I also weirdly want to be out running!! Just wish the rest of my body would start cooperating with my mind!

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    • Yes a bit of cooperation from body would be appreciated here too! I saw your half marathon plan on yor blog. You’re fine! Focus on getting some miles in so if you are going to skip runs, skip the shorter runs (easier said…). You’ll be fine and I can’t wait to read all about it!

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