14 days to go

So it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with lambing (that blog needs updating – I’ll post a link when I’ve done it. Just need to find an hour or so to sort through photos); Donna did her half marathon (fantastic job!); my friend Sammie did the Paris marathon (just brilliant!); I went to a conference and had some time off work, I went back to work and now here we are: 14 days to go.

I am no longer worrying about the running itself – what will be will be. Training hasn’t been ideal and lambing was somehow more exhausting than anticipated. I’ve had some good runs and some bad ones, I haven’t gone the distance I wanted to in training but there is that small matter of the Dopey Challenge which I am counting on for getting me through. I know the hell that is coming and I know I can come out the other side. That’s got to count for something.

So in two week’s time I’ll be roughly 2.5 hours into my second marathon. It’s also quite likely to be my last. I’m not sure I really like the obsession required to run a marathon. I think I might be much more of a half kind of a girl. Anyway, with 14 days to go here’s what I am worrying about

  1. Logistics – how to get to the start line, when to set off from the hotel, how to get to the after party and how to get back to the hotel. Usually when I am in London I walk lots – but do I really want to bank on walking from the after party to the hotel? Possibly not
  2. Sponsorship. I’ve done reasonably well raising money with a couple of raffles etc and online is now picking up too. It would be lovely if you could sponsor me too – I know many of you did for Dopey so it is a big ask but PLEASE: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jessguth
  3. Food 1: What am I going to eat over the next 2 weeks to make sure I am ready, healthy and well fuelled
  4. Food 2: What (ok I know this) and when am I going to eat before the marathon and how does this fit with when I need to set off
  5. Food 3: Fuelling during the run. Will I get this right this time? How hard can it be?
  6. What to wear – My ideal kit is set but what if it is much cooler than anticipated, or chucking it down? I have my charity T-shirt and it fits well but that means I can’t wear the t-shirt that got me through Dopey or my previous half marathons. I feel a bit panicky about not wearing that.
  7. Socks – I always worry about socks. If I get them wrong the whole thing will be so much more painful than it needs to be
  8. 8. The expo – I’ve got to go obviously to pick up my race pack and I do want to go but I am soo not good with crowds of people at the moment…

I’m sure there are other things I’m worrying about but those are the things I am conscious of as I type. What are your marathon jitters?

One thought on “14 days to go

  1. Here’s a funny pre marathon story…Boston marathon race day. I walk about a mile to a park where we catch a bus that takes us to the start. The walk, the wait for the bus, the bus ride…all several hours. I’m worrying a lot. Did I eat enough, am I going to be warm enough blah blah blah. After about 2 hours of worrying and only thinking about myself, I suddenly remember it is my son’s 20th birthday!! Good mothering don’t you think?

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