More marathon jitters

So first of all the response to my calls for sponsorship over the last couple of days has been fabulous – thank you all. If you’d  like to add your support please do here It sounds really cheesy but seeing people sponsor me does actually help calm the nerves – it means people believe I can do this thing – or at least they hope I can.

So today I feel a little bit different but not much. I am still in ‘I can’t do this’ mode because I just don’t think I can but I am also having more classic marathon jitters. My thought process about getting to work this morning might explain. This all happens in my head before you worry too much:

  1. I am getting up now
  2. Why? It’s safe in bed
  3. No, I am getting up now
  4. Ok but don’t fall down the stairs
  5. I’ve never fallen down the stairs, ever
  6. Yes but you might…
  7. I’m going to get the bus to work
  8. Really?
  9. Yes, why?
  10. You’ll have to walk to the bus stop
  11. Well, yes…
  12. Downhill
  13. Yes
  14. You might slip and fall and break your leg and not be able to do the marathon
  15. Hooray, or not, maybe not, ok I’ll drive
  16. No, no don’t drive you might crash
  17. ok I’ll walk, then bus
  18. ok but walk the long way round and don’t go on the slippery bits
  19. And don’t get on the bus if the driver looks dodgy
  20. ?????

I got to the bus stop in one piece – funnily enough and this went on in my brain:

  1. Your hamstring is tight
  2. Yes
  3. You’re injured
  4. No, I’m just a bit tight, didn’t do any yoga
  5. You’re injured
  6. No
  8. No, no I’m fine
  10. No I’m fine
  12. Shut up I’m getting on the bus

I’m at work, I’m fine but I am  in full blown marathon paranoia. if it hasn’t already tarted the roller-coaster of emotions starts here. I’ll let you know what tomorrow brings!


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