Abbey running

I need to get back into the habit of running regularly and for fun not because I feel like I have to but because I want to. After the little run the other day I slept better than I have in ages and I woke up actually feeling like I had had a good rest. Now that the pressure of having to achieve a distance is gone, I really hope the bits I enjoy about running (so really everything about it other than the actual doing it) will become more obvious to me again.

This morning we had planned a little plod round our Bolton Abbey Loop – I’ve blogged about that loop before so I won’t go over it again. Well we got there a bit early and the gates were still shut but he had seen that the top car park closer to the actual Abbey was open so we drove back to that and parked there. Now normally I am not good with plans changing at the last minute. It’s odd, I’m generally quite flexible and laid back about stuff like that but not when it comes to running! Oh no, don’t you dare mess with what I thought was going to happen on a run – be that route, pace, distance, number of other people, intervals. Just don’t. So different car park meant different plan. Hm.

No drama – different route was fine, it was fun. It was an adventure. Different didn’t matter today. We had no watch, no garmin so no idea how far we actually went or at what pace or whatever. I could probably work it out but I can’t be bothered, it’s not important. We started off making our way down towards the Abbey and then the bridge over the wharfe by the stepping stones. The scenery was really quite spectacular. It was a gorgeous morning. we continued on that side of the wharfe until we got to the bridge by the Cavendish Pavillion cafe. We didn’t run it all – are you crazy have you seen some of the hills? We took a few little walk breaks and other than the one to walk up the really steep slope they were really more about not pushing and just enjoying and about watching birds, ducklings and over enthusiastic dogs. We then crossed the bridge and plodded our way back along the wharfe alongside the car park and across the field back up to the road. Again we walked the steep bit. Once at the top we tootled down into the Abbey grounds again back to where we had started. All in all a lovely 35 minutes. We’d chatted and giggled all the way round, I hadn’t really pushed myself at all but it still felt like we’d had a good little workout.

We got changed in the toilets and then drove to Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton for breakfast. 2 good runs in a row – whatever next!

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