Of Magic Miles, Dodgy Tummies and Form Strides

So, run number 2 of the new training programme. The programme says: 45 mins with MM + 4 form strides. After staring at it for a minute or two I remembered that MM was Magic Mile so the plan was to do a 45 min run and within in that time a one mile stretch which we’d run at just above easy pace for this first one. This makes me chuckle – I don’t have an easy pace. If I’m running it aint’ easy! That aside though,it means running a full mile without stopping for a walk break and is apparently a pretty good indicator of what your half marathon race pace can be at this point  – just multiply by 1.2. So, I was thinking, roughly 12 minutes of running. After the MM the rest of the 45 mins should be back at easy pace. After that there were the form strides which Kath had sort of explained to me but I decided I just wouldn’t worry about that until we got there.

So we set off down to the canal running intervals and then start our magic mile as we crossed the bridge. Geoff Galloway suggest taking a 15 second walk break in the middle of the magic mile so we did. I did find it quite tough but I also think we ran it relatively conservatively and possibly could have pushed a little harder. I’m always better when I know the start and finish point so if we do it again I know where I have to get to, whereas today I was just waiting for Kath to tell me when our mile was up. We completed in in 11 mins 24 seconds and then settled into a couple of easy intervals. I’m happy about that. For me running a mile in under 12 minutes is always good and this is a great benchmark. The plan is to improve the MM every time we do it which is roughly every two weeks.

I’ve blogged about toilet issues before – but thankfully not for quite some time so I am sorry to have to go there again. I’d been to the loo before we went to run but I still felt a bit bunged up. Well that was clearly resolving itself as I was running. I no longer felt in any way at all constipated – in fact it all felt rather precariously jiggled. I kept going a little bit but with only 2 intervals left my tummy was really sore and I was getting quite concerned and when running was in serious danger of having to abandon all dignity (again). I decided I needed to walk the rest and nip to Kath’s mum’s for the loo – we were nearly there anyway so while Kath went and fed our sheep I went to the loo. Then I left Anne’s house and jogged to catch up with Kath. My tummy was settling nicely and running felt so much more comfortable.

So only the form strides to do. We picked a short stretch adjacent to our field and did one set of fast knee raises and one set of bum flicks. I’m glad it was just a very short stretch – particularly for the knee raises which are stupidly hard work. Now I know what to expect a bit more we can extend the distance and I can push myself a bit more. Then we did 2 sets of running roughly 30 metres at hard pace but concentrating on good running form. Next time I think I’ll ask Kath to watch those 30 metres as she did with the first two drills just to check that I am actually keeping my form.

So while not perfect – and towards the end really rather uncomfortable – it was a good session overall. Next run is our first Disney Running Shorts virtual 5km at the weekend – yay.

Happy Friday.

3 thoughts on “Of Magic Miles, Dodgy Tummies and Form Strides

  1. Thank you. Having done the distance with Dopey and the London Marathon, I’d now like to work on getting just a little bit faster. I’d really love to go close to 2.30 for a half marathon. I suspect 2.45 is more realistic but I’m not known for being all that realistic when it comes to setting goals. Really though, speed doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I want to enjoy the running. Xx


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