7 uneventful miles

Uneventful is good. When it comes to running, uneventful is definitely good. But the 7 mile run wasn’t good. It was a bit urgh. I decided we should up the running segments of our intervals to 3 minutes. We set off when Kath finished work at 3pm and walked to the sheep, fed them and then set off – that meant that our little killer slope up to the wood before the golf course was right at the start of the run. It was fine though.

We tootled along going fine for a bit and eventually passed what I think was about 2.5 miles. It was all fine, if a bit warm. Not long after my right foot rolled awkwardly off a stone and my right hip/lower back twinged. It was niggly from there and really painful on the last run. But I got there. We ran an average pace on 13.07 so it took us just over an hour and a half. It then took me a rather long time to walk back up the hill.

We’ve stretched and my hip/back feel much better. That was not a run to remember but it’s 7 miles done!

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