One stop horrible run

We went for a lunchtime run today. Well that wasn’t nice.

We were supposed to do 45 minutes and I seem to have decided that we do them non-stop. But we thought we might as well feed the sheep while we’re out and then we won’t have to go out again later. So a non stop run turned into a one stop run. It nearly turned into a just stop and don’t run. Running to the first sheep field was really hard. Everything felt sluggish and heavy. I was so ready to give up.

Eventually we got there, stopped the watch, fed the sheep and then set off again – up the stupid slope, through the stupid wood, down the totally stupid golf course and along the stupid stupid stupid canal. Just one stupid foot in front of the other. As we turned onto the canal Kath asked if I wanted to swap to intervals but that seemed like giving up, so no. No stupid intervals.

Eventually the watch beeped for half way and an eternity later for 2 miles and then a stupid while later for 3 miles and eventually it played its stupid little finishing tune to tell us we could stop. Physically this run was fine really. My legs were a bit tired from the 7 miles Monday and lots of walking yesterday (about 14km) but it wasn’t that bad. I just did’t really want to run. It wasn’t even the usual ‘I can’t really do this’ sort of feeling, just a general sort of grumpiness about it all.

I do, as I almost always do, feel better for having gone. And it is another run that can be ticked off the training plan and that always feels good (control freak much?!?) but on this one we’re right back at ‘enjoying having run’ and nowhere near ‘enjoyed running’.

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