6 x 800 metres

I have agreed to a run at lunch time. I don’t really want to run. I am struggling today. I am head-achey and tired and grumpy from sleeping later than I wanted to and from not being able to do all the things I want to do because I can’t get my butt off the sofa. I don’t want to do it. Can’t. Kath wants to do the 800 metre repeats. I don’t. I can’t do them. I can’t think of an excuse though, there isn’t one. So I’ll go. I’ll try.

Right, so, 6 x 800 metres with 3 minute walks in-between. I really didn’t want to go and do them. I barely managed 4 repeats last time and when we tried on Saturday my leg hurt. These are also the sorts of sessions where Kath and I are least on the same wavelength. So I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Actually it was fine. The first one felt easy – the stats show a little dip in pace in the middle but otherwise it’s pretty even and a decent pace. The second and third reps are the most even in terms of pace, the 4th is bit more ragged and also a little slower whereas 5 and 6 are even again but a little slower than the early ones. Overall the objective of going a bit faster than normal was achieved and although I found the 3rd and 5th one in particular hard and wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the 6th when we started it,  I did. It felt really good to have done that. Now I just want to conquer the sheep loop backwards run again and see if I can do better on that.

Anyway, as these things sometimes happen, the universe obviously knew I needed a bit of a boost so it sent our postie with our goodies from the runDisney Shorts series we did back in May/June. I blogged about the first of the runs here. Well Disney can do bling and it was lovely to get these medals and the tumbler is fun too.

Because it seems so long since we did the runs and actually, they coincided with me being a bit grumpy about running, I decided I would award myself the Yellow Shoes medal for today’s run and save the others for other runs to come when I feel like I need to celebrate an achievement or milestone. So I think I’m keeping one for when I manage the sheep loop backwards with just walking up the  golf course, one for when I complete 9 miles, which is our next long run, and then maybe the series one for when I next manage to set a Magic Mile personal best.

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