Reflections and 9 mile musings

Well I have now had a bit of time to reflect on my earlier run and also to think about the next one on the training plan – 9 miles. So, reflections first.

I am still very happy that I managed to do the backwards sheep loop as planned. I think I just needed to get that one out of the way. At just over 5k it really shouldn’t be a big deal but it was. I set off a little slower this time and then got slower but I didn’t walk. The first mile down the hill and along the canal was quite comfortable really. I again started struggling a little just before we crossed the canal bridge and up the hill to the golf course car park. Then I walked up the hill, quietly and determinedly. I hardly felt like I had my breath back when we set of again but then I had to concentrate on where I was putting my feet as I made my way down the path trying to follow Kath who seemed so much more sure footed than me.

The hardest bit was coming up the road after leaving the track past our sheep field and I really wasn’t sure I’d make it to the top and the downhill. Kath was encouraging all the way and I don’t think I would have made it up the slope without her constant talking. I got my breath back a little going downhill and then I took a deep breath and started up Ilkley Road. One foot in front of the other. At just over half way up Kath asked if I wanted to walk and my legs screamed’YES’ but I kept going and I got there and then I sat on the back steps for about 10 minutes before my legs could be trusted to carry my weight again. For my efforts I have awarded myself the Red Shorts medal from the Virtual Shorts series.


Next is our 9 miler. We are planning on doing it tomorrow. We’re going to get the train out to Skipton and run back along the canal. I am looking forward to it. 9 miles is a bloody long way but it doesn’t seem too scary. I shall just plod my way along using run/walk intervals and see how we go. I’m hoping we might see a heron or two and general canal life. The last time I did a 9 mile run was last August and that seemed a positive run. I wrote about it here and reflected on the run in the posts which followed that one. Well, let’s see how we go. Anything under 2 hours would be fab.

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