Moomin Butt not Moving

Running is a Rollercoaster. That Sunday run I blogged about last was so hard. So so hard and yet so brilliant at the same time. It was great to be out. Then on Monday we ran too – that was hard too, in fact worse because I have totally unrealistic expectations of myself. Our new 10k programme said 40 minutes slow so of course I wanted to run 40 minutes slow… I forget I can’t actually run 40 minutes, slow or otherwise and that intervals are required. Anyway, we did that 40 minutes with lots of walking and whimpering on ice patches and another 6km or so walking and I didn’t half feel that on Tuesday…. Tuesday was rest day and then on Wednesday the plan was to run 6 minutes 3 times with 3 minute walk breaks. We were going to do this in the evening when Kath got home from work. I was quite looking forward to it. I worked at my mum’s for a bit and then walked to the sheep. I felt a bit tired once I got there – a bit wobbly. I sat with the sheep for a bit and then walked slowly back home. Very slowly feeling decidedly dodgy.

Whatever bug I got, it wiped me out good and proper. I have been mostly asleep since Wednesday late afternoon (it’s now Saturday) and haven’t dared stray far from a loo. Add to that a tight neck and shoulders leading to migraine type headache in the back of my head and you get the idea. Yesterday I walked round the block – you know all 250 steps or whatever it is and my legs nearly gave way at the end. Today I walked the mile to the sheep and back and I feel stronger so maybe I’m winning. Also – the headache and tightness is gone – obviously or I wouldn’t be typing this. But why does this always happen just as I want to get back into the running. Now I’m scared about starting again again.

I have been thinking about running and reflecting on how far I have come. Well, there’s little else to do in between dozing when reading, screens and any sort of noise are out. A year ago we were about to embark on our Dopey Challenge. Just imagine that. I think the 5k was on the 7th January with the Challenge finishing on the 10th with the marathon. Oh the 5k. If only I could enjoy each run that much. Read about it here. Anyway, the WDW Marathon weekend is in full swing now except that the weather isn’t playing and RunDisney had to cancel the half marathon. Loads of Dopeys have been running on treadmills and in the parks to get their 13.1 miles in. I like that about running. It’s not about winning or coming first, people genuinely want to complete the challenge for them, they want to earn Dopey  – so they are. It is a shame though because they are missing out on what was maybe my favourite Disney race ever, certainly my favourite half marathon. I wrote about it here. But safety first and I can’t believe people are giving RunDisney a hard time!

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Because sometimes we need to stop and think about what we have achieved. As I sit here watching athletics on the TV, following the Dopey adventures  and other running successes via  Facebook groups and worrying about starting again and not being able to run and how hard it all is, I am challenging myself to remember that a year ago I did Dopey. And a year before that I couldn’t run at all. So yes, it’s a bit hard out there at the minute. But I want to get back to something close to Dopey fitness and that won’t happen unless I get out there and keep putting one foot in front of the other. So, tomorrow I will walk my 2 miles again, a bit faster and then throughout the week I’ll try a run and just keep working at it – sing it with me: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho it’s off to work we go…

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