I ran again

It wasn’t awful.

I had in my head that I wanted to run again today. Back to back might seem ambitious given pre-virus running form, never mind post virus getting back into running but somehow it seemed to make sense. Except that I didn’t seem to want it enough to get off the sofa.

Our first ewe might be due today so we’ve had a few trips on to the field to check for lambs (or problems, but mainly lambs) – nothing yet. I’ve also been grumpy today. No particular reason, I think I woke up slightly grumpy and never really snapped out of it. Coming up to 5pm I was stuck on the sofa vaguely wondering whether I might have a late afternoon nap when Kath asked me if I wanted to go for a run or do some yoga. It didn’t seem like a ‘we could go for a run or we could do some yoga’ sort of a question, more a ‘we are doing one or the other, choose’ sort of a thing. So I got changed.

We decided to run our sheep loop backwards so we could check the ewes on our way. We also agreed to use run/walk intervals – in other words be realistic. Obviously that suggestion didn’t come from me. We set off and ran down Ilkley Road (down is good, going this way is just fine!), turned right and went up a little and then turned off to head down the hill towards the canal. I hate running down hill so we walked the worst bit. Once at the bottom we dropped into the intervals. I was just about to complain about how hard it was even running 2 minutes when I saw a fish of blue and orange cut across our path, cross the canal and disappear into a tree on the other side. A kingfisher. I only caught a glimpse but the flash of colour was unmistakable. I decided not to whinge.

We plodded along the canal in 2minute/1minute intervals and then slowly walked up the hill. My lungs were burning but not as bad as yesterday and my calf muscles were really tight walking up hill. Once at the top we dropped back into the intervals, ignoring one walk break until we stopped at the ewes and briefly stopped the watch. All was calm and they were all together and showing no signs of anything happening so we plodded on. We managed the intervals until about half way up Ilkley Road and then we walked home from there. 3.1 miles. Slow, hard but so worth it. I didn’t enjoy it as such but I am enjoying having done it and I feel loads better for it. Thanks for dragging my butt out Kath!

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