Poorly tummies

As usual after a conference I spent quite a lot of time on Wednesday asleep. On Thursday I felt ready to have a go at a decent run. We thought an extended Bolton Abbey loop would be nice. It would be about 4.5 ish miles probably which is the furthest I’ve been for a while but it didn’t seem scary. We got there just after 9am when it opens and set off to walk up the first slope. As we were nearly at the top I suddenly really needed the loo. We walked back down, used the facilities and walked up again.

Then we started running and the first couple of intervals seemed fine. We were doing 2 minute runs with 30 second walks. I haven’t done 30s walks for a while but actually it felt fine. Then the pressure in my tummy started building, and building, and building. I had to stop. I persuaded Kath to go on and finish the loop and I turned round to head back to the toilet. I realised I wasn’t going to make it if I just walked so I ran, slowly but determinedly back towards the little outbuildings that would save my dignity – if I got there in time.

I did. Just. I was a bit grumpy about having a particularly bad episode of the runners trots but it seems not actually to have been that because I was out for the rest of Thursday and yesterday with a very poorly tummy. It’s still not right now so I am sipping peppermint tea and every now and again daring to nibble a bit of a cracker.

Anyway, the positive from all of that is that I can indeed run a mile without stopping when I have to!

To cheer me up Kath has signed us up to the RunDisney Virtual running series. We did this last year too but were grumpy about most if it (well I was). The series consists of 3 virtual 5k runs throughout June, July and August with a medal for each and then an additional medal for doing all three. So now we’ll think of 4 little challenges to run over the summer months to earn those medals

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