Endure24 – The 5 mile loop

I blogged earlier about my experience at Endure24 but I thought you might like to see the loop. On my final lap I took the camera round with me and happily snapped away. Some of the camera work is a bit dodgy because I was actually running! So if you are thinking about signing up for next year and want a sense of the route, this should give you some idea. Anyway, let’s take a look.

I only ever started from the exchange area as Kath was our first runner she was the only one to run across the timing mat at the start. From the start/exchange area we went alongside the race village/camping on the grass up a slight slope. Then we turned right onto a track that took us down the slope to a fairly impressive left turn through a white gate and onto Black Fen Drop towards the 1km mark.

At about Mile 1 there was a right turn and a slight uphill through the wood and onwards to another right turn which saw us on Temple Drag and coming close to the 2km mark. Wow it’s quicker writing this than it is running it! Doesn’t sound like we’ve come far at all yet! The whole course had lots to see, lots of interesting trees and stunning views.

At the end of Temple Drag we came out of the woods, through a gate to a slight right turn and welcome downhill to Temptation Corner – where they were always playing the best music. If you look at the course map you can see why it’s called Temptation corner – if you could run through the camper van they put there, you’d be on a path that would cut off a huge chunk of the route! In fact you’d go from 2.5km straight to 6 and 3/4km. A slight left took us back uphill and then flat to the 3km marker.

The next section was through the woods and mostly flat or slightly downhill and 4km always seemed to come quite quickly. Soon after 4km we reached sheep rush – on my last lap there were no sheep, not a single one at sheep rush but I did see them later. Just after sheep rush was the Shambles Cafe drinks station and the loo that saved me on lap 4.

After that the course seemed to get easier to me. Maybe it was just that it was well over half way, not sure. The 5km marker came towards the end of a lovely downhill slope which was followed by a sharp right and a bitch of a hill.


Then a bit of running on grass across festival crossing and round a walled woodland area. The views were great here – lots of sheep! But every time I ran this the headwind seemed ridiculous.

The 6km marker came and went as did more spectacular views and another welcome downhill at Dead Tree Drift with the big Endure24 sign. The course then curved to the left and began to go back uphill to the 7km marker which was maybe a third of the way up Bramham Climb. 1km to go

At the top of Bramham Climb you can see the race village and you can see the first Mizuno inflatable arch before you briefly disappear into what feels like a wood lined avenue before turning right and in my case power walking up the slope which takes you through the white arch, into a left turn down a little hill and then up ‘that bloody last bit’ before turning right for the blue arch, the timing mats and your team mate waiting for you with a hug in the exchange area.

Signed up for 2018 yet?


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