Choosing our training programme

When I first started running I tried a Couch to 5km programme and we followed other training programmes in the run-up to the half marathon in 2015. When I decided I wanted to start again, we went back to those programmes but somehow it just wasn’t clicking. I did each run as it came along but I found it completely demoralising because I was just plodding, slowly and painfully for however minutes.

We had seen the RunDisney training programmes put together by Jeff Galloway and they appealed because they were said to be suitable for anyone and to significantly reduce the risk of injury. So we’ve been giving that a go. I don’t want to go through the exact detail but you can read how it works on the RunDisney site or on Jeff Galloway’s site. Basically though you run and walk at intervals right from the start rather than waiting to walk when you’ve run out of steam.

We started the 10km programme and we started with running for 30 seconds and walking for 30 seconds for the duration. We are now running 1 minute, walking 30 seconds and have just finished week 5. I am now at times almost enjoying it. I’m not saying this is the best programme out there or even that it is better than any of the many others I’ve looked at but for now it is working for me.

Psychologically the idea of running short bursts of what was initially just 30 seconds, even when you have to do it repeatedly was much easier and it meant that I can actually run rather than just plod. Not that I am thinking of going anywhere fast but it is quite nice not to be overtaken by people walking their dogs!

Advice for anyone else out there? Try a few different programmes and see how you get on with them. If like me you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, definitly follow some sort of programme though. Unless you don’t want to – do what feels right

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