Training Programme Week 5

We have just finished week 5 of our training programme. Week 5 finished with a 3 mile run. I hated every step of it. But let’s go back a bit. There were  a few weeks of trying out some other programmes and getting to where we were running 8 minutes and walking 2 and doing 3 times or something. I was miserable. Then we moved to the new training programme. For the first 3 weeks we stuck to 30 seconds/30 seconds run/walk and I was quite enjoying myself. For the last two weeks we’ve been running 1 minute and walking 30 seconds. I’ve found this harder but still much better than before.

I’ll post updates as we go  – basically you can expect 2 30 mimute runs during the week and then either a timed or distance run at the weekend. As I mentioned, today’s run was 3 miles. We ran it on the flat along the canal from our house towards Bingley and we turned round at half way. I don’t know why I hated this one.

Every step seemed like an effort, every step seemed pointless because let’s be honest here, chances of me making it round a marathon are slim at best. But looking back over the run now I have noticed a couple of things: I recovered quickly and well. By the time we got home I was ok, physically and mentally. I am not sore or achey or even particualrly tired from that run. It also occurs to me that while I hated every step, I took every step including running the last 2.5 minutes ignoring the walk break.

So, 3 miles and just under 42 hideous minutes but a pace of under 14 minutes per mile which is well within the pacing requirement of the runDisney events.

2 thoughts on “Training Programme Week 5

  1. Sounds like you are doing really well! I think we’ll be building in walk breaks from the start but it would be nice to increase the time we actually run – like you said though – that’s somehow harder! Thanks for the encouragement – appreciate it


  2. Great going! I also hate the intervals, but find it easier to do shorter run/walk segments than longer ones, we are doing 1 min running and 45 seconds walking at the moment and i’m just going to keep cutting down the walking until theres none left – for me it seems mentally more achievable than upping the running intervals, even though its no different really.


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