Progress…? Not so much

Frustrating. Very frustrating. I am now sitting on our sofa watching the London Marathon coverage and I pretty much feel like I just want to cry. I am of course being over dramatic. We set off for our 3.5 miles run this morning. We walked down to the canal and then set off towards Bingley. We got to just over 1 mile and I tweaked something in my right calf muscle. I kept going through that run and stretched it out in the walk interval and then started running again but it felt really tight and weird. We stopped and walked back. I was really upset about that and Kath was clearly frustrated that we couldn’t complete the run so we walked back in rather grumpy silence.

I have stretched and had some ice on it and it is beginning to ease. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe we can try again tomorrow. If it’s no better I will be making an appointment with our osteopath to take a look. I think though I am struggling more mentally with the setback. Running is such a huge deal for me and I feel so insecure about the whole thing that any setback is really really hard to get my head round. 3.5 miles not done, right calf tight and a bit sore, Jess tearful and grumpy… I guess tomorrow is another day.

One thought on “Progress…? Not so much

  1. Running is like that (I think anyway). Sometimes I can’t run for two minutes and other times I can run for miles. I overthink it all. When I have a good run, I try to do exactly the same food and time preparation the next time. And then I am rubbish the next time and beat myself up! It’s mentally exhausting. Keep in mind that you are running faster than people sat on the sofa! Keep it up lovely. Sorry you are feeling rubbish. Love your beautifuly honest post xx


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