Making progress

When I started this blog I did so partly to share my experience but partly also because I find writing therapeutic, it’s a way for me to vent and to deal with crap and negative stuff. I was sure that I’d be writing post after post about how hard I was finding it and how rubbish I felt about the running journey and that just every now and again I’d have an almost excited positive post… So I am somewhat taken aback by how things are going since I started the blog. It’s going well. It is totally utterly bizarre but the running is going well. We are in week 7 of this programme. We have done our two 30 minute runs this week and they have both been fun. We decided at the weekend sitting in our little summerhouse with a beer that we would up the running time and keep the walking time the same. Seemed like a great idea curled up on a beanbag bottle in hand. When it actually came to doing it I was less sure. However, running for  90 seconds and then walking for 30 secsonds really hasn’t felt any different to just running for 1 minute. Both our runs this week have been evening runs. On Tuesday we ran our 30 mins at a 13.01 minutes per mile pace and had fun doing it. I think we even had a conversation half way round. Setting off today I was keen to try and push the pace a little up the hills as I tend to really slow down and also to run more confidently down hill. It worked and we ran 2.37 miles with a pace of 12.39 minutes per mile. I did huff and puff at the end but I was really pleased with that run. So I’m not really struggling at this point. I don’t need to vent. I just need to share my bemusement!

Next up 3.5 miles at some point over the weekend

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