Week 6 ends with a slow plod

A marathon seems about as likely as winning the lottery without buying a ticket today. We went for our 40 minute run first thing this morning. We thought a good positive start to the day would set up our Sunday nicely. Neither of us was very imaginative about the route today so we started off from home and when past our sheep field and joined the route we’d done during the week for our 30 minute runs. My legs felt tired and my right calf muscle and my left shin felt a bit tight. Neither of us felt much like pushing the pace so we agreed that we’d have a slow plod round and try and enjoy it as best we could. That mostly worked and it was lovely to jog along our field with a gang of lambs running with us for a short burst. Then we saw two jays and then our ram relaxing in his field. I didn’t see much for the next two runs then because I was huffing my way up the hill – althiugh actually at that significantly slower pace there was also significantly less huffing. Slowly jogging down the golf course was quite nice, there were one or two playing. The canal was still very quiet with just one or two dog walkers and keen cyclists. Even most of the ducks were still asleep. We saw ducklings. Only two sets but the first set hat 8, the second had 12.

I’m not sure I really enjoyed it but it was an ok run. I am always disappointed when it’s not as fast as the last one but Kath keeps telling me to get out of that mindset and she’s right. We’re doing it and running 3 times a week is beginning to become part of our routine.

So next week brings 3 30 minute runs. We’re aiming for Tuesday and Thursday evening and then either Saturday or Sunday morning. We’ve also planned food for the week as both of us are really getting the munchies for the rest of the day after running and because I could really do with shifiting a few pounds (and then a few more!). Today is our naughty day so we are having sausages and yorkshire pudding with loads of veg. For the rest of week we are planning on a quorn chilli, salmon on a bed of quinoa, jacket spuds,  a greek salad and pasta with a simple roast veg and tomato sauce. We’ve also got stuff for a healthy-ish version of pancakes for breakfast, loads of fruit, eggs for scrambled eggs on toast, peanut butter on toast and bagles and humous. I had planned on  a banana loaf for a bit of a treat but in a complete baking fail I used self-raising flour instead of plain and it all went horribly wrong so we may have to re-think that. Kath made some lovely courgette and dark chocolate buns last week.

Oh and I have lost 1.5 pounds over this last week so overall we’re going in the rigth direction. Happy Sunday!

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