Being honest

At the start of this whole blogging thing I said I’d be honest. So here is honest: today I really hated running. Really hated it. All 6.5 miles of it. I got up early, stupidly early to start the day with a positive, with an achievement. The running experience today is right up there with having one of those internal camera things put down my throat, having stitches removed or the dentist prodding your gums. Not painful exactly, just unpleasant. Something you really wish wasn’t happening to you.

Kath and I were out of sync. It felt like she was disappointed at the pace, critical of my running style, not helpful and not supportive. She of course felt that there wasn’t anything she could say that would help and she was probably right. It was all just awful. Today running did not make feel better. There wasn’t and still isn’t a sense of achievement for having run another 6.5miles. There is just disappointment that I just can’t shake off, there’s a sense of just not being able to do it, a sense that the goals we’ve set are so far out of reach that trying is a bit pointless. Today running just made me miserable.

One thought on “Being honest

  1. Sorry you had a bad day. Have a rest and a break for a few days, and try not to be too discouraged. We have all been there at some point. Hope you feel a bit better about it soon 🙂

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