The one where… oh f-it I can’t be bothered

I’ve been feeling a bit like that recently. And tired, really tired. I have struggled to drag my butt out of bed in the morning and have been ready to roll it back into bed by 9.30pm. One more day at work and then I have just over a week off – I’d get excited about that if I had the energy.

Anyway running… My last post was a pre-run post and I had a head full of excuses. Kath had her own list of excuses so we went up to get changed and collapsed on the bed instead, talked through our excuses and then went for a run. I think we went up the hill again, and this time I got to the top with only a little bit of extra walking – I could check the pace etc on our log but – yep you’ve guessed it, I can’t be bothered. Friday the excuses did win and we didn’t go for our catch-up run for the one we missed the other week. As far as excuses go though, they were fairly solid. Work was quite busy and then our living room carpet was finally fitted. Saturday was also busy – I forget with what but we went food shopping and helped our friend with his sheep but we did manage to fit our 5.5 miles in. It went ok, it was fine, I did it (actually I think I felt pretty good about it at the time – but I’ve forgotten that). Sunday and Monday we didn’t go. Sunday was furniture delivery and then furniture put together day as well as more sheep stuff. Monday I just could not be bothered at all. I just felt tired and grumpy after work. That brings me to today. I again couldn’t be bothered. But it was the kind of ‘can’t be bothered to take the rubbish out, or can’t be bothered to get out of bed or whatever it may be – the kind of can’t be bothered where you do it anyway and you always know you’re going to. It was a 45 minute maintenance run along the canal. Pace of 11.38 minutes per mile running for 2 and a half minutes and walking for 30 secs. It was uneventful. It was probably our fastest yet so I should probably be a little bit excited that I can keep going at a slightly higher pace for longer. I’m not excited, I can’t be bothered to be excited. I just feel a bit flat about it all.

As if to confirm all that – the scales for the Sunday Weigh In were totally indifferent to my pleading for good news – I stayed exactly the same. Now that is again a week of getting away with it given the amount of cake, biscuits and other rubbish I’d eaten (haven’t started this week any better and it is mum’s birthday tomorrow).But staying exactly the same is just the worst. Putting weight on might have given me a kick up the backside to refocus on eating better, losing would have been another step in the right directions; staying the same is just, well it’s just dull.

I’m sure I’ll perk up. It may be that I need a challenge – well the next long run is 7 miles – further than we’ve done before so there’s the challenge (wohoo – said in an eyore-ish kind of tone), it may be that running a different route would help, it may be that I am just tired. It may be that it is all a bit pointless. We’ll see. Next scheduled run is Thursday, one catch up run still outstanding.

6 thoughts on “The one where… oh f-it I can’t be bothered

  1. We all have moments, sometimes lasting days or weeks, when we feel like it is just too hard to run. You have to remember why you run to begin with and how accomplished you will feel afterwards.


  2. Feeling your pain! I’m exactly the same at the moment! Don’t know whether its because we started training so early and now the novelty has worn off a bit, or because it’s summer and summer should be a time for holidays and rests and breaks from routine etc etc but I also cannot be bothered at the moment. I’m sure the spark will come back eventually, just keep plodding through for now, your doing great!


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