Trying to stay positive – more Disney than running

Well I am a proper little snot factory. I have needed to take yesterday and today off work – I have a slight but persistent fever, a nasty cough,  the runniest nose ever and at the same time my sinuses are completely blocked causing my face to feel like it has been punched from the inside. Urgh. I can’t walk upstairs without a major coughing fit never mind run. I’m grumpy about it. I have been trying to cheer myself up with thinking about our Disney holiday and previous running successes. So just to remind myself that I now have two half marathons under my belt – ok so they are 2.5 ish years apart but never mind – here’s the proof

And to remind myself that there will be a fantastic medal at the end of it, here’s us showing off the bling after the 2013 half.

Half Marathon Medals 2013 (and a silly pose)
Half Marathon Medals 2013 (and a silly pose)

I’m excited about the holiday now. I paid the balance yesterday and now it feels real. I just printed off some bits and pieces – the final invoice showing the 0 balance, the tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba and all the dining reservations we’ve made so far. While I was looking for a couple of pictures from the half marathon I got sidetracked looking at the Disney pictures generally. Actually many of the pictures we have don’t really show the place – there are loads of us but here are some of the

places that I am very much looking forward to seeing again.

In other news, the weather has got autumnal. We lit a fire earlier for the first time and the change in weather has made me think about running through the winter. Unless it gets stupidly icey we are planning on going the distance outside. Neither of us likes the idea of training on a treadmill. I don’t want to miss the changing landscape and the chance to see winter wildlife going about its business.

I am a little concerned about clothes though. I have a couple of long sleeved runing tops and one which is a winter training top which I think will be ok and I think I will just need to get used to layers and taking something off part way through. Any tips?

Anyway, the only thing running here today is my nose so enough of my rambling

5 thoughts on “Trying to stay positive – more Disney than running

  1. Hope you are beginning to feel better … nothing worse than feeling lousy when there are things you want/need to do.

    We run throughout the winter, and I will even go out when I go home to frigid Canada. Granted, I don’t go out when it’s icy I actually relish the cold weather and days when I’m not a sweaty mess after a couple of miles. You probably know this, but they say the temperature will feel about 10 degrees C warmer when you’re completely warmed up in your run. So if it’s 5 degrees, it will feel 15 after several minutes. So I always dress for that. I’ve bought most of my winter running gear at Target. Their Champion (C9?) line is reasonably priced. I have long pants, a long-sleeved compression shirt, and a winter running jacket (lined, and it has reflective tape all over). For me, gloves & a headband are essential. My ears absolutely ache when it’s cold, and if my hands are cold then I’m miserable. For warmer days I might layer a long sleeved shirt over a short sleeved shirt instead of wearing the jacket. And I love the shirts with the little thumb holes in the sleeves so you can warm up your hands as necessary. (Whew, that was longer than I expected!)

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    • Oooh thanks! Well if it is a normal sort of winter here we won’t get much below freezing so I reckon with long sleeved running top and a tshirt over the top and then my water and windproof running jacket (not lined) I should be ok. All ym long sleeved tops have the holes in for your thumbs and that’s usually fine for me as I have naturally warm hands and rarely wear gloves in a normal UK winter. I wear caps when running anyway and I think I will just keep going with that but it that turns out too cold then maybe a headband would work! I hate hats! Looking at Target now!

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  2. Ugh hope you feel better soon! I have also been a snotty mess for the past couple of days! Hate this time of year for colds! Your medals from disney look awesome!


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