24471. Yep, 24471, that’s me. That’s my bib number for this crazy adventure. 2-4-4-7-1. It’s a number I think I can make friends with, I already have. It’s a number that doesn’t put me right at the back. It’s a good number. Here are some others:

30 – days until the marathon weekend madness begins

34  – days until marathon day

29  – days until we fly out

38 – weeks of training  – which means about 45 ish weeks since I started running again

450 – approximate miles run in training

93 – approximate miles left on the training plan

1 – number of really long runs left on training plan

15 – number of runs left on training plan

492.90 – amount of money raised online so far. (This is a number I’m happy to see increase – you can donate here )


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