Post 20 Miles post

So it’s the day after the 20 mile day. Time to reflect on yesterday’s run. Well, good news I guess – nothing hurts. The toes on my right foot are a little tender and my hips are tight. I’ll do more stretches later.

I forget from long run to long run how hungry I get after. As I said we had a perfect recovery meal very quickly after the run and then we went out for tea –  early, before 5pm and I had another big meal (and chocolate cake – come on I just ran 20 miles!). I woke up hungry and I’ve been hungry ever since really. I had a bacon sarnie in the supermarket cafe before doing our food shop, our usual Saturday morning breakfast and I’ve nibbled my way through the morning and am now ready for lunch… I need to strategically place bananas, grapes and other healthy snacks so I don’t end up eating biscuits all afternoon.

I’m also tired. I didn’t sleep well again – probably because of the wind – it sounded wild out there. I was awake from just before 2am until who knows when and then from 7am ish. I was struggling to get comfy because my hips felt tight so I was tossing and turning a lot resulting in teh catten being attached to my feet a lot. And once awake of course my stupid brain kicks in.

So I have been over that 20 mile run/walk in detail, lots of detail. I shall spare you it all because it’s all depression induced crap. It’s all the usual ‘OMG how pathetic was I at that point’ and ‘I really should have done better there’ and ‘well if I can’t even cope there then let’s just forget the marathon…’. I think I might be getting a little stronger though, just a little, but still. My inner voice is still screaming at me to pull out and not embarrass myself; it’s still telling me I can’t do this but I’m a little more confident in the fact that it is probably a liar.

7 thoughts on “Post 20 Miles post

  1. Hi…new to your site. I just wanted to let you know that you have my encouragement and best wishes. Please have confidence that you can do this! Also, do you listen to music when you run? I do. And when the inner failure voices in my head get too loud, I turn up the music REALLY loud!! The loud music completely drowns out the inner failure voices!

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    • Thank you Rebecca, I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment. No, I don’t listen to music. I understand where you are coming from but I find that when I listen to music it becomes all about the running and actually I want it to be about being outdoors, hearing and seeing the wildlife etc. If we get a bad winter and I have to do more running along roads rather than trails and the canal I might well go to music for inspiration though.

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  2. You won’t pull out. You’re not a quitter. But you are reflective. And you think and you listen to your inner voice. You’ll do it. No question! 20 miles!!! 🙂 20 miles!!! 🙂 you’re basically there 😉

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