Quick reflections on Dopey

i have been meaning to post some reflections on the Dopey Challenge but I’ve been too busy going on rides (the ones for kids mostly, nothing fast, scary or motion sickness inducing), eating cake and drinking wine, mojitos and beer

It is our last full day in Florida today and a week since we started the Dopey Challenge with that amazing 5k run. So what are my reflections so far.

  1. I still don’t feel like I am a runner, you know, one of them. I’m just not.
  2. eventhough I know I did all 4 races legitimately and within pacing requirements I feel a little niggle every time someone says congratulations (and that happens a lot here), like somehow I don’t deserve it because I’m not really a runner.
  3. Being told ‘well done’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘congratulations’ over and over is pretty fun and good for the soul but… See above.
  4. I was amazed that I could move after Dopey. Yes my legs were a little tired and achey but not really sore. My hamstring on the right was tight but nothing more and when I walked for a while my hips tightened but that only lasted 2 days.
  5. Blisters are bitches. I so rarely get nasty ones but the one on my left little toe is the most painful thing ever!
  6. running is 99% in the mind – I just completed Dopey but right now am fairly convinced I wouldn’t make it a mile if I went for a run.
  7. I am mentally incredibly weak and incredibly strong at the same time. Weak because I didn’t manage to power through the poor start to the marathon and a poor start in poor conditions determined my race. The first few minutes set the tone and I couldn’t recover from that. Strong for actually finishing at all.
  8. I think I might be done with Dopey
  9. The impossible is possible
  10. I am quite proud of myself (but see 1 and 2)

5 thoughts on “Quick reflections on Dopey

  1. Know how you feel, just the same you did it! congrats – Met a girl on the Airplane that got pulled off the course because she and others fell behind. SO the fact you made it is a big deal 🙂

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  2. You most certainly are a runner even though you don’t feel like one. You put the time and energy into training AND completing races that many others can’t. Be proud of yourself! You did an amazing job!

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