Let’s just pause for a sec

So yesterday I couldn’t be bothered. I couldn’t much be bothered today either. And neither could Kath. And then we didn’t click about anything this morning – we got snappy and a bit tearful and then we got a grip. Having to train for London is, we agreed, taking the fun out of running. Neither of us wants to not do London though so actually we are just going to have to get a grip and get over ourselves.

Neither of us was in a good place to attempt our long run so we postponed that and went for a walk at Bolton Abbey instead. The day got better. Kath went for a short run to our sheep and back. I didn’t, couldn’t be bothered. I was messing around on Facebook and saw this:

FB status





So can we just stop a sec and let that sink in. A year ago I was half way through the couch to 5k programme. A year ago I could not run or even run/walk 5k. So yes, I’ve been struggling and it all seems a bit pointless but that mantra about focusing on how far you’ve come rather than how far you’ve left to go…Well, just point me back at this post every now and again because

  1. A year ago I couldn’t run 5km – now I can, without stopping
  2. I can run 10k without stopping
  3. I no longer think of 10k as a long way and actually think of a half marathon as a distance I quite like
  4. I ran/walked 48.6 miles over 4 days last month (oh yeah – that was only last month, is it really any wonder I’m struggling to get going again)
  5. I am 2 and a half stone lighter now than I was before I started running just over a year ago.
  6. Today for the first time since I was at school (I think) I wore a pair of trousers in UK size 14

I have come a bloody long way, I have done bloody well and I should be proud of what I have achieved. So let’s just all pause for a sec and focus on that rather than worrying about what I’m not doing. Let’s just see where celebrating the success takes us.

During Half Marathon
Nearly at the end of the Half Marathon 9th January 2016

3 thoughts on “Let’s just pause for a sec

  1. You have definitely come a long way! That is a great photo. I was driving back home today from shopping in town and thinking about running on those same roads. I used to think that 5K was a long distance and then it became a warm up. I also need to be more consistent in running if I am going to finish the Tucson marathon. This time next year we can look back at having finished two marathons. 🙂 We are Dopey! 😉

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