Can’t Run

If you’re expecting a post-Disney race blog post with silly pictures of medals etc – sorry. That’ll have to wait. So yes, we did the 5km and the half marathon and some of it was awesome and some of it wasn’t. I’ll come back to that when I’m slightly less tired and have slightly more time.

Today we had the genius idea of going for a recovery run – just a short little loop to stretch the legs. Well my legs don’t work and neither do my lungs. I only managed short little jogs with walk breaks and after just over a mile I was so done.

I could actually just cry. The running at the weekend didn’t go to plan and now I can’t even run a mile. Who am I kidding with this running thing? I actually can’t do it, can I? I’m taking part in the Too Fat to Run ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ programme so I need to get a 5km baseline at some point this week but I actually don’t feel like I can do it at all.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Run

  1. Jess, you got a selfie with Paula R – of course you can run! If she read this she’d kick your backside 😉 You’ve had quite an upheaval the last few months, be kind to yourself. Remember that you’re still faster than the ones sat on the sofa. We all have bad runs and good runs, you’ve had a few bad ones. Look after yourself and take it easy. x

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    • You are of course right, I do keep waiting for the day this gets easier though – I know it will be easier sometimes and even worse others. I know this… I’m off to look at the selfie again and try and hang on to the buzz we had after that 5k!


  2. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time with it at the moment. You’ve gone through some changes lately with the new job and all, perhaps your body just needs time to settle into the new routine and then it’ll start cooperating again


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