Crappy Running

Ugh I am struggling with the running thing at the moment. I did go on Tuesday  – it was hilly and not pretty but I went. I also went today – supposedly for some speed work. We haven’t done any for ages so thought we’d try 4 x 400 metres with 2 minute rest in-between. We jogged down to the canal as a warm up and that was actually quite nice apart from the steep downhill bit where I suddenly panicked about falling and decided to walk.

As we set off for the first 400 metre ‘sprint’ (hahahahaha) I got a really sharp pain in my tummy that spread from bottom right and had me doubled over for a few seconds. It eased. I wanted to go home, no that’s not quite right. I wanted to be home. Instead though we re-set the watch and tried again. We went off slower this time but still pushing the pace but with only about 100 metres to go my resolve and will power crumbled and I just gave up and stopped. I cried, I swore and then we finished that interval. I finished the 4 x 400 metres but not as speed work – just putting one foot in front of the other without having a total meltdown was hard enough. We changed the route so it was actually quite hilly and we could feed our sheep on the way round.

So it all feels like the running is unravelling. I am getting slower and the distance I can do seems to be getting shorter but I’m just trying really hard to keep the faith, keep trusting the training and grinding out these horrible runs. The next planned run is Saturday – a longer run on a hilly  but stunning route. Bizarrely I am looking forward to it. Or maybe I’m looking forward to having done it, to having a positive story to tell at last, to stop being a disappointment. I’m going to try 2 minute/ 1 minute intervals because they seem safe, they’re my Dopey intervals. FFS I did Dopey, I can run 400 metres. I can. Except when I can’t.

5 thoughts on “Crappy Running

  1. Oh my days don’t stress about speedwork! It’s so tough and sometimes it feels like you’re setting yourself up for failure. I like to see it as the icing on the cake of my training. If I can do it- great, I know I’ll feel stronger and more powerful, both mentally and physically, when it’s over. If I can’t do it, for whatever reason- the track holds too much anxiety for me, my muscles don’t feel like they can take it, I’m feeling tired or run down- then NO BIGGIE. Seriously, speedwork should be a bonus on anything else you do. Don’t beat yourself up about it! xxx

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  2. I’d say go back to what works for you. If 2 min 1 min intervals work for you do them, there is no need to get faster or run for longer if it’s not helping you! Do what helps you! I’m planning on going back to intervals too, they worked for me, and why change something that works. I’m not an elite athlete after all, it’s a hobby, it should be fun, not a chore! Hope that makes sense

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  3. I’ve started just running as long as I want, and walking until I feel comfortable again. I do run more slowly, but I can run for a longer time. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying it more, and yesterday I even endured the treadmill without spewing obscenities. I was honestly becoming a bit sick of the bloody timer. I’ll go back to it, but for now it feels more free to just do what I want. Maybe you need a break to just run and walk the way your body wants to?

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