I have been running…

…usually not blogging means I’m not running but I actually have been. Not much, not fast, not far but I have been. I did the sheep loop backwards on Thursday and I did it faster than ever before. I am still finding it hard, really hard but I am trying to give myself less of a hard time and focus on things I do actually enjoy about running. I like being outside and I like having run. I like being physically tired at the end of the day… I think one of the reasons I am finding it hard is because I am now running in the afternoon/evening more often. I am running after work more often and I am generally more tired before I even start. I’ve always been better with morning runs but we’ll see. I’m not hating the running even if it seems I hate each individual run (weirdly, that makes sense to me!). Anyway, I must go back to holiday planning. Our California trip is scarily close and there is still loads of stuff to sort – I did finally remember to order our Dollars today though – so wish I’d done this a few months ago! We’re running tomorrow so I’ll try and post after that.

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