Lurgy update

Day 1 of ‘lurgy might be going’. It hasn’t yet though but I am getting better. I slept better for a start which has got to help with getting better. Kath went for a run – she’s been doing that a lot lately and she’s doing well. I’m really proud of her but I also find it hard to watch her go out while I can’t and then hear about the runs and how much faster her pace is without me and how much further she can run without using intervals when she’s out on her own. I knew this of course, but seeing it is still a bit hard. I don’t want her to stop going out running or telling me about it because mostly it makes me happy.

This morning Kath drove me to Bolton Abbey and we went for a walk. Not a long walk – up to the Strid and back which took a long time. About an hour. The we had a bacon sarnie at the Cavendish Pavilion and then we drove home. I have been wiped out for the rest of the day. I should not be this tired after a slow walk.

I’m going to head off to bed very soon and try and get another good 10 hours sleep to try and recover and heal. I almost feel like I did at the beginning of all this – sore throat, snotty nose, achey head… Sleep, that’ll sort it.

Mentally of course none of this is helping. I’m in the shadows and I think possibly expending quite a lot of energy on not spiralling. I need to run, running will help.

3 thoughts on “Lurgy update

  1. Walking is good. Getting out into the light is good. Doing something that will distract your mind for 3 minutes is good. Because 3 minutes becomes 5, and 5 becomes 15. But the running, I’m not running either. Don’t beat yourself up for not running, especially when you are physically sick. Your body is telling you that it needs rest (and fuel) to heal. Let it heal. xx

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  2. Really hope you start to feel better soon. I had a horrible flu before Christmas that wiped me out for weeks, but it did go eventually and i’ve felt healthier than I did before ever since. Your body just needs extra time to make you ship shape again! It’s so hard when you have itchy feet and just want to get out there, but keep giving it the rest it needs and you’ll feel better for longer once it finally does pass xx

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