And I nearly ran again

The beauty of working at home – when that afternoon slump hits I can put on my trainers and run it off. Well that’s the theory. Of course with the afternoon slump also comes the ‘I can’t possibly run I am waaaaaayyyyyyy tooooooooooooo tiiiiiireeeed’ feeling. But when I can make myself go it really does help. That was the plan for today then.

I’ve been a bit sluggish today all day, bit dozy and tired but nothing too odd for a Monday. Anyway, Kath has taken time off work to be around for lambing so we set off to run together.I didn’t feel quite right from the first steps really. Can’t quite describe it, just off. I figured it was just a case of mind over matter and I’d settle in but I didn’t. It wasn’t so much like running through treacle like it can be when you have tired legs, I felt wobbly. It felt a bit like running on an uneven and shifting surface. I also felt slightly sick. I thought about this carefully during the walk break, gave myself a talking to and set off again for the next run but it was exactly the same. I stopped. It didn’t feel very sensible to keep going. Kath offered to walk back home with me but that would just be silly. I was perfectly fine as long as I didn’t try and run. So she went on and I walked home.

I don’t know if I am just tired from 3 days of back to back running after having that lurgy or whether I was a bit dehydrated or what but whatever message my body was trying to give, it’s been received. No running today. Got it. Part of me is a little grumpy about that because I was looking forward to the having run feeling but a porridge bar and a cuppa on the sofa aren’t so bad either. It’s easy to forget that rest is also important but it is, so I shall rest today and see how things are tomorrow!

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