Starting again, again

I haven’t been out since the aborted run the other day. Partly that’s because things got a little busy with lambing. If you want to know more about that, head over to our blog at Riddlesden Jacobs.

It is always hard to actually make myself go out and run but it’s worse when I am tired and lambing means tired. We work in sort of shifts – with Kath dealing with early mornings and me dealing with the late night stuff. Kath has been able to take time off work this year which helps massively but doing the midnight check means I am more tired than usual even with sleeping a little later than normal – I’m just not used to the late nights. Anyway, I thought I might get a gym session in yesterday at work but I felt really tired and sluggish and I was being quite productive with work stuff so just kept going with that. Today though I wanted to get the running thing back on track. I didn’t want it enough to actually do anything about it.

This afternoon Kath suggested going for a run and I just thought ‘what the hell’. Off we went. Just to the sheep where we stopped to check and feed them and then back home. Just a small total of 1.7 miles but I ran it all. I didn’t stop on the hills. I also felt back to normal. So now I think I am just unfit and need to build pace and distance back up but the virus I think might finally be out of my system. Once we got back and I’d got my breath back I also felt far less tired. It was actually nice to be out in the rain although I really want the rain to go away because it’s about the worst weather possible for lambs.

Happy running


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