Christmas Day Running

I used to think people who run on Christmas day are weird. You know, like there’s seriously something wrong with them. Why would you want to go out in what is probably going to be miserable weather when instead you could sit in your PJs opening presents and eating mince pies while you hang on for it to be acceptable to open the prosecco. But then I also used to think people who run – full stop – are weird.

This year I was looking forward to my Christmas Day run. I managed an almost pain free IMG_8216Christmas Eve run on a run walk as I blogged yesterday. So running again today would be a good little test. We weren’t going far anyway, the plan was just for 30 minutes or so easy to finish at Kath’s Mum’s for our traditional Christmas morning bacon sarnie and present swap at her house. We’d dropped everything off at her house yesterday including some extra clothes to walk back to our house in after the run.

IMG_8213We woke about 6am but took our time coming round and getting out of bed, had a cup of tea and a mince pie while opening our presents from each other and then got dressed. We headed out about 7.15 and everything was still so quiet. Most houses still seemed in darkness and just every now and again there was a light on in one room or the Christmas trees lights were twinkling. It was coming light slowly. We ran/walked about a two 2 mile loop and my feet were achey but not really painful at the end.  It was great to be out and have fun.

The rest of the day has just been a quiet and nice Christmas dominated by cooking our Christmas meal and then eating it. Now our mothers have left, we’re settling down in the living room, in front of the fire with our cats and I’m thinking about whether there is anything I really need or want to do while I am still 38 but I think, other than listening to the cats purr, everything – including breaking the 480 miles for the year will have to wait until I’m 39.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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