Monday Meander

IMG_9083Ok well it wasn’t really a meander but I needed something with an M. I didn’t run yesterday and I felt a bit irritated by that but I have no reason to. It was the sensible thing. I was tired. In fact I slept for 2.5 hours in the afternoon. Anyway, today was one of those days where it could go either way. I was tired after work. I couldn’t really be bothered but I also wanted to get out today. I could have not bothered, it was tempting to postpone and run tomorrow. But I didn’t.

So after work I got my gear on and headed out. I had no real plan other than to just do the sheep loop as a relatively short route while the jacket spuds cooked in the oven. I set off and immediately thought ‘bloody hell, bloody pollen, can’t breathe’ and then I forgot that it was meant to be hard and just plodded along. The first hill was a bit annoying but soon over. I kept plodding. I went past our old sheep fields and it was lovely to see some sheep and lambs in there. All the lambs were laid out in the sun basking. I briefly thought about stopping to get a picture but wanted to keep moving. Soon after there was the 1 mile beep. I glanced at my watch. ‘Fuck, slow down you crazy woman’  – first mile in under 12 minutes.  Well the next would be slower – I’m always slower on the next mile – too much downhill (yes I know – weird). I made my way up the slope to the wood and so wanted to walk but didn’t. I kept running downhill through the old golf course and eventually turned left onto the canal towpath. I glanced at my watch and suddenly realised that I was still going quite fast. I decided to push and try and finish the second mile in under 12 minutes too.

I almost laughed as I thought that. The thing is, my legs don’t really know what that feelsIMG_27168D2698BE-1 like and my brain doesn’t have a clue. My legs have occasionally run faster by accident but my brain just doesn’t know I can do that. My brain is more a 13 minute mile kind of a girl. I started to really feel it at 1.78 miles – but probably only because I had decided to run to 2 miles and then enjoy the towpath. I suspect that if I hadn’t decided that I could have gone further at a not too much slower pace. Anyway, the 2 mile beep came. Well within 12 minute pace. I was a bit stunned.

I walked from there having a little chat with a goose and stopping to watch some ducklings (I took photos – you can’t see them!). As I marched up the big hill home I thought about how important the #myrunmyrules is to me at the moment. It’s helping me be positive about running rather than beating myself up about not going faster or further or walking or whatever. I pushed for 2 miles and then enjoyed a positive walk (with some lovely little stops) and it was a great 3.21 miles of head clearing time! All of this means that this April I have recorded the highest ever monthly mileage for me ever at 88.15 miles which takes me to 233.42 miles year to date. And I feel pretty good. I needed my rest day yesterday and I need an easy week this week to be ready for the Toronto Half Marathon next Sunday but April has been a really really good running month. Both Kath and I are on track and enjoying our running and at the end of April  the 2018 Guth/Self mileage total stands at a pretty awesome 525.96 miles. We’re celebrating in style.


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