Frustrating Running Day

I think most of my running posts have been relatively positive recently and it’s tempting IMG_9850to just write about the successes and good runs or the ones where it went wrong and then we fixed it and it was ok. But when I started I said I’d share my running journey – all of it. The good and the bad so it’s time for a not so upbeat post. Today has so far just been frustrating.

It was a gorgeous morning but it took me forever to wake up fully and drag my butt out of bed. We wanted to do a 10 mile-ish loop on Ilkley Moor, got organised and set off. I didn’t even make half a mile. Stunning as it was, I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to work out if I was panicking about something, just finding it really really hard or something else. I settled on something else. I actually felt quite strong and I was looking forward to the views from the moor. I wasn’t aware of panicking or even worrying about anything really. It got worse as we came past freshly IMG_9849cut grass and I think the pollen count must be high and then grass cutting will have disturbed lots of grass pollen in particular. It felt like I couldn’t get air into my lungs at all. I turned back. As I walked back the views were glorious and it made me smile and a little bit grumpy at the same time.

I tried again this afternoon. I set off thinking I would do a 4.5 mile ish loop taking it slowly. It felt impossibly hard from the start and I kept thinking I would settle in. I wanted to drop down to the canal thinking that the ducklings might cheer me on and I waned to see if there were cygnets but at the first bridge there was traffic chaos so I kept going along the road, at the next bridge there was a boat coming trough so I huffed and puffed my way up the gently sloping road. I thought about walking, I thought about turning round but kept going and finally dropped down to the canal bank. I thought I’d settle and get my breath back but it didn’t happen. It looked busy ahead. I gave up. My legs felt dead and I still couldn’t get enough air. I walked home – very slowly. I was proper grumpy until I saw this little fella – he made me laugh.


2.5 miles is better than nothing. I may try again this evening – I haven’t had a late evening run for ages – or I may just be grumpy about running for a bit.



2 thoughts on “Frustrating Running Day

  1. I’ve recently developed horrible allergies – pollen, trees, and freshly mown grass all make breathing truly difficult. It really is frustrating when you’re ready to go, and you want to go but your lungs just say, ‘nope’.


    • Oh that sounds awful! I think this year is particularly bad here. It’s settling down a little now so maybe whatever pollen it was that was really getting me is done with for the year. Hope yours eases x

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