Period Running

About a year ago I wrote about running with my period. It’ really not at all one of my favourite things to do and this month I think my womb has actually decided it will inflict the maximum amount of pain possible. I have no idea what I have done to piss it off but I obviously have. Yesterday wasn’t too bad, my back was niggly, my tummy was sore and I felt heavy but I felt like I could still vaguely move. Kath wanted to make an apple and blackberry pie so we agreed to meet by our old sheep fields and I would run there the long way round and Kath would walk there direct. I managed a decent run but it didn’t go to plan. I set off plodding down the hill to the canal and along the towpath. I was psyching myself up to run up as much of the uphill up the old golf course as I could manage, maybe even all of it and had got into my head that I was nearly nearly there, just one last big push…. The bridge across the canal was stuck open. Hmph. I stopped and stared at it for a few seconds, turned and started running back.

I ran as fast as I could back to the bridge I’d come from because I knew that Kath was waiting for me and was likely to start getting worried. I crossed the bridge and had to walk up the slope and the hills to get to our old first field. My tummy felt heavy and I felt slightly sick but I jogged along until I found Kath and we walked home with a big box of blackberries. What was supposed to be a gentle, slow just under 2 miles run ended up a a stupid negatives split 3.1 miles with a one mile walk back home.

Today I was meant to run 9 miles but when I woke up my back was really sore and I felt really tired from a restless night sleep. We abandoned the 9 miles. Later this afternoon I thought moving would maybe actually do some good so we went out for a run/walk round the sheep loop. We didn’t make it round the sheep loop because it just wasn’t that much fun. We turned round after a mile and came home but it was good to be out and nice to move even if I felt like an ungainly overweight baby hippo. Tomorrow should be much better and we’ll see about that 9 miler!



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