New Shoe Run

IMG_2186I bought some new Brooks road shoes a little while ago but hadn’t tried them out yet because most of my routes since then have involved trails. Today I finally wanted to see what they were like. Kath came with me on a 4 mile loop. The shoes were good. I am still struggling. The pup is still on form and making things more difficult than they really need to be. But that aside, I ran 4 miles. I am getting faster overall, average pace was 12.23 minute miles today and I was not trying to go faster than usual. On the flat it felt comfortable and while I did not run all the hills, I ran some and walked on my terms.

I need to wear the shoes a few more times before I do a full review but overall I am happy with them and with that that run, even if the pup insists I should have tried harder, run faster, not walked the hills and overall just done better.

Not long to the Great North Run now. The plan for the coming week is simply to have a couple of easy runs, stretch and hydrate and fuel well. Simple.


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