Regents Canal conference running

IMG_2249[2]I am on my way home from a 4 day conference  – I’m tired but in a good way. I took my running stuff because I wanted to keep my legs ticking over prior to the Great North Run on Sunday. I arrived on Tuesday and settled into the conference thing. I have blogged about the conference itself in daily posts which you can read on my other blog if you’re interested. On Wednesday morning I headed out. The running here was just for fun, no pressure, no drills, no specific focus and I also left my run/walk intervals set. I headed out along Regent’s Canal towards Victoria park which I then when into at the top (?) end after about a mile and a bit along the canal. I did a loop in the park and then headed back along the canal for a 2.6 ish mile total. It was enjoyable. I said hello to the first couple of runners and got no response. Then I remembered that this is normal for London but somehow I couldn’t stop greeting my fellow human beings. I passed a total of 17 runners and said hello or hi to all of them and not a single one even acknowledged my existence, no smile, no nod never mind actual words. Wow!

Thursday I was going to run but then couldn’t be bothered in the morning. I just didn’t feel like going. I thought I might go in the long gap I had in the programme around lunch but then I got talking and forgot all about that. The same happened at the end of the day.  This morning I woke up really early and felt creaky. I did a bit of yoga in my room and then headed out again. This time I entered the park earlier – at about three quarters of a mile, looped round there a bit and then headed back for a total of roughly 2 miles. I could tell I was tired and that my brain wanted to get back to the work I was presenting this IMG_2250[1]morning but it was also good to get out and move and I felt much better when I got back.

So, last couple of runs before the big one at the weekend. I’m not really sure I’m really ready but all I can do now is trust the training I have done, believe I can do the distance based on some pretty convincing evidence that I can do the distance and then go and enjoy it. Let’s hope I do a better job of putting my socks on though.

See you on the other side!

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